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Diamond Brite Conserver 1LTR DB241

Diamond Brite Conserver 1LTR DB241

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1 Year Warranty

All of our parts come with 1 year warranty as standard.


Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver works in conjunction with the rest of the Diamondbrite car wash range to get your car clean. This advanced non-foaming car wash additive is applied following the traditional car washing process – using car shampoo such as Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo – it is tough enough to aid car cleaning but gentle on surfaces too. Diamond Shield Conserver preserves your car’s shine by not stripping paint protection coatings – such as ceramic and hydrophobic treatments – ensuring that your protective glaze remains unharmed. Diamond Shield Conserver is the best car cleaning product for maintaining the durability of Diamondbrite paint protection with regular use.

Keeping your car clean can be a constant battle against the elements. Applying durable protective coatings, such as ceramic and hydrophobic treatments, is a good way to maintain your car’s shine, however, regular washing still remains crucial. When undertaking these regular quick and easy maintenance washes it is important not to use a product that strips any protective coatings away. Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver contains just the right amount of mild abrasives to effectively wash your car clean, but it is also gentle so crucially it will not strip existing protective coatings away while it attacks dirt and unwanted surface contaminants.

When used as a car wash additive rinse aid, Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver is mixed with water, however it can also be used in concentrate form. In its neat undiluted form Diamond Shield Conserver can be applied to a clean Diamondbrite Microfibre Cloth to deliver a tough, anti-static, protective coating in one single operation. Furthermore, the mild abrasive content of Diamond Shield Conserver can be used to remove tar, bug residue (such as dead flies), traffic film, and even minor scratches when used undiluted.

Directions for use:

After using Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo, add Diamond Shield Conserver to a bucket of clean water, apply product to all paintwork using a Diamondbrite Wash Mitt, Wiggly Wash Mitt or Jumbo Sponge – avoid windscreen as product may cause smearing. Rinse vehicle and dry.

NB: Always use a separate bucket and Wash Mitt/Sponge to the one used for the Car Shampoo as once it has been used for the Conserver it can’t be used for Shampoo as it negates the foam.