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Diamond Brite Ruby Red Alloy Wheel Cleaner Trigger 500ml JU290500

Diamond Brite Ruby Red Alloy Wheel Cleaner Trigger 500ml JU290500

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1 Year Warranty

All of our parts come with 1 year warranty as standard.


Diamondbrite Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner is the best alloy wheel cleaner for your car, it is tough on stubborn baked-on brake dust and contaminants, yet also gentle on surfaces, users and the environment thanks to its clever non-acidic, non-corrosive and pH-neutral formula. It has a spectacular colour-changing foaming formulation that breaks down brake dust and other deposits, turning them bright red as it works – this allows users to psychically see its wheel cleaning properties in action.

Almost all modern cars have alloy wheels. These can be dressed in a range of finishes; painted, chrome plated or diamond cut. But one problem unites wheels of all kinds – dirt. By their very nature wheels are in close contact with our mucky roads and hot metal particles from brake discs and pads, which naturally leads to a build-up of stubborn contaminants and iron deposits. Removing this unsightly mix of road grime and metal particles without damaging the wheel itself is tricky, many wheel cleaners contain acid which attacks the surface of the alloy (or steel) wheel while removing contamination but also causing lasting, unattractive, harm.

The wheel cleaner’s unique formula is safe to use on all wheel types, its active acid-free, pH-neutral and noncorrosive ingredients set to work on any tough contaminants to leave users with exceptionally clean wheels and a fabulous finish. Following extensive research and development, the specialist chemical elements that form part of the complimentary and unique ingredients in Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner combine to soak away dirt in a matter of minutes.

Using the user-friendly trigger bottle, Diamondbrite Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner is simply sprayed directly onto wheels, here it forms a foaming substance on contact, gradually changing the colour of any dirt it encounters, adding a fascinating visual element to the cleaning process. After leaving the formula to work its magic for two to five minutes, Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner can simply be washed off with a high pressure washer until all traces off the product have been completely rinsed away.

The end result is gleaming wheels.

Directions for use:

Diamondbrite Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner for alloy and steel wheels is easy to use. Simply apply directly to the surface of the wheel using the trigger spray bottle. Leave the product to work for two to five minutes. Wash off using a high pressure wash or hose ensuring all traces of the product have been thoroughly rinsed away. For any stubborn marks agitate with our Diamondbrite Alloy Wheel Brush.