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Max Foam Shampoo - Advanced Shine Protection 1 litre

Max Foam Shampoo - Advanced Shine Protection 1 litre

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1 Year Warranty

All of our parts come with 1 year warranty as standard.


Ceramic Shampoo combines our expert cleaning knowledge with ceramic technology to create a brand new formula that will bring a new level of shine to your car from the very first wash.

Ceramic Shampoo key features:

  • Adds ceramic shine protection from a single wash
  • Ceramic polymers create a cutting-edge hydrophobic layer
  • Rejuvenates previously applied Ceramic Coatings.
  • Effective pH neutral formula
  • Won’t remove waxes or polishes
  • Highly concentrated (25ml per average size bucket)
  • Pleasant fruity (banana) scent

Shake well before use. Store above 5°C.

1) Rinse off excess grime with water. For heavily soiled areas use a prewash like Diamondbrite® Lift Off before washing with Ceramic Shampoo.

2) Add 25ml or two capfuls in an average size 10 litre bucket.

3) Apply the solution all over the vehicle with a lambswool wash mitt or microfibre wash mitt, working from top to bottom focusing on any heavily soiled areas.

4) Rinse vehicle thoroughly using a hose or jet wash.

5) Dry with a microfibre drying towel.

6) Finish with Diamondbrite® Ceramic Glaze for a super shine.