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Synthetic Engine / Motor Oil 5W30 Formula F 1 Litres

Synthetic Engine / Motor Oil 5W30 Formula F 1 Litres

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1 Year Warranty

All of our parts come with 1 year warranty as standard.


Ford Engine Oil 5 lts Ford Oil has been developed to meet the specific requirements of Ford engines. Using this oil will ensure Ford vehicles run more efficiently and will avoid issues arising from the ise of inferior products. Ford Formula F5W-30 ford Formula F5W-30 is an synthetic engine oil with enhanced customer benefits over products meeting the previous specification This Oil is suitable for the lastest Ford vehicles requiring 913-C specification and is also backwards compatible with the widely applicable 913-B specification. Please check your vehicle handbook for specific vehicle requirments. Customer Benefits •Reduce your fuel bill and carbon footprint further due to enhanced fuel efficiency properties over previous products •Maintains high level of vehicle performance by preventing engine deposits and "black sludge" formation •Prevents the need for premature replacement of engine components due to enhanced protection against wear (specifically bearings and valve train) even under extreme driving conditions. Specifications: •WSS-M2C913-B •WSS-M2C913-C •API SM/CF, ACEA A5/B5 The Ford 913-C specification is mandatory for warranty and servicing of all Ford vehicles built to stage V European Emission Regulations.